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Hundreds of tutorials for all kind of levels

Always free options for all steps in the way

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Find quickly the best option to learn whatever technique or software that you´ll need.

Including tutorials for After Effect, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Motion Design theory, Resources, Houdini, Animation, Rigging, VFX, Rotoscoping, Motion Capture, Scripting, etc.

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I must say this looks like a great resource, sure to save designers from many hours spent aimlessly wandering the jungles of google. If someone was to go through just half of the free material in here they'd be scary good by the end of it!

- Daniel Danielsson


This book is incredible! It’s so awesome to have a carefully curated database that allows someone to know what to watch for whatever subject!

- E.J. Hassenfratz "Eyedesyn"


This is great! This is one of the most thorough resource guides on this topic I've ever seen.

- Sean Frangella


This looks EPIC

- Joey Korenman


About the author

Aljandro Magnieto Image Aljandro Magnieto Image

Alejandro Magnieto is a Freelance Motion Designer, director & educator based in beautiful Valencia, Spain. Available for global collaboration.

He was born and raised in Spain and is mainly a Self-Taught artist. He moved to London in 2014 to start his career. Since then, he has worked with some of the biggest studios and brands in the world. You can find names like The Mill, Netflix, Disney, Citibank, Virgin Media, Sony or Marvel in his portfolio.

Alejandro holds a Diploma in Motion Graphics from Escape Studios in London and packs a lot of experience working every day with Cinema 4D & the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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By Alejandro Magnieto


$50 $39.99*

* Plus shipping